Welcome to the 2024 Trade Compliance Salary Survey

Brought to you by Gateway Recruiting, the pioneers in Trade Compliance Recruiting and Employment Solutions.

For over 15 years, our salary survey has set the industry standard, and once again, we’re collecting valuable data to provide comprehensive insights. Whether you’re seeking to benchmark your salary against industry norms or aiming to negotiate a more competitive compensation package, participating in this survey is a crucial first step. Rest assured, all data collected is anonymous, ensuring confidentiality and delivering precise results.

By taking part, you’ll not only gain valuable information about your own salary and benefits package but also contribute to a broader understanding of salary trends in the trade compliance industry. This information can be used by employers to create fair and competitive compensation packages that attract and retain top talent. Plus, all participants get a FREE copy of the final report!

The survey is open until May 1st, so there’s time to participate!

We encourage you to share this survey with your friends and colleagues in the industry, as our goal is to gather a comprehensive dataset.

Thank you for your participation!

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