Ricky Canales – Manager of Recruiting

About Ricky Canales

Ricky Canales is an experienced Recruiting Manager at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. Mr. Canales stands with the Gateway Recruiting approach of delivering the best talent for companies whose bottom line is both profit and people.

Before starting his career at Gateway Recruiting in 2022, Ricky worked as an Emergency Medical Technician, as well as a Professional Recruiter for a separate staffing/recruiting firm. Apart from work, Ricky enjoys fishing and hunting. He also spends his time volunteering as a local baseball coach and helps host baseball camps for the youth of Central Texas.

Ricky is able to easily connect with people of all backgrounds and has the right skills to match them to the right job opportunities. With his problem-solving skills and his passion to help others, Mr. Canales is determined to identify and attract the best talent for his clients.