11 Million Job Postings – Gateway Is Up To The Challenge

The number of open jobs remains essentially unchanged, at 11 million job openings as of October 2021.

Statistics from the Bureau of Labor Statistics released on December 8th, 2021 confirmed the ongoing difficulty for America’s employers to fill open jobs with good talent. From restaurants to retail, all industries across the economy continue to operate with fewer workers than their pre-pandemic counterparts.

Gateway Recruiting is dedicated to providing customized recruiting services for expanding and established companies. We are committed to providing timely and concentrated recruitment services. Our extensive background and wide range of expertise allow us to offer tailored services for each candidate search. While other firms can be strait-laced in placement, we understand the importance of placing top talent just-in-time while supporting the client’s long-term talent pipeline during change and growth. The Gateway Recruiting path continuously delivers the best talent for companies’ triple bottom line – People, Profit, Planet.

Our services and knowledge spread across 9 industries:

  • Medical Device
  • Cyber Security / Computer Forensics
  • Data Analytics / Data Science / Predictive Analytics
  • Engineering / Product Development
  • Finance / Accounting
  • Pharamaceutical
  • Supply-Chain / Logistics
  • Technology Development
  • Trade Compliance (Import/Export Compliance)

The Gateway Recruiting approach, matched with our search experts, collaborative culture, and uncompromising methodology, allows us to yield the results that are right for your team!

Start your partnership with Gateway today and let the results speak for themselves!