Matt Mowrey – Manager of Recruiting

About Matt Mowrey

Matt Mowrey is a well-rounded Executive Recruiter at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. Mr. Mowrey believes that the bloodline to recruiting is Relationships, Responsiveness and Respect. He also stands by Gateway Recruiting’s dedication to provide timely and focused recruitment services and solutions to emerging, expanding, and established companies.

Prior to his career in recruiting, Mr. Mowrey worked as a Service Drive Manager at a luxury car dealership in Houston, TX, and began his recruiting career with Gateway Recruiting in 2019. Outside of work, Matt enjoys playing golf, being outdoors, and spending time with his family. Mr. Mowrey is a strong believer in the importance of family and brings the same level of care and dedication to his work.

Mr. Mowrey is able to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and has a special talent for matching them to the right job opportunities. With his ability to connect with people and his natural passion to help others, Matt excels in identifying and attracting the best talent for his clients.