Justin Horton – Manager of Recruiting

About Justin Horton

Justin Horton is a competitive and experienced Recruiting Manager at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. He possesses the knowledge and skills necessary to locate and refer top-qualified candidates in a manner that is both highly professional and timely. Justin continues to apply Gateway Recruiting’s top principles of Integrity, Loyalty, and Professionalism.

Before beginning his career with Gateway Recruiting in 2022, Justin was an Information Technology Logistics Manager in the United States Army. He actively served with the Army for 4 years, before transitioning to the recruiting industry in January of 2021, after a successful internship with Amazon Web Services. Outside of work, Justin is an outdoor enthusiast who enjoys hiking, kayaking, and running. In addition to his love for nature, Justin is also passionate about animal welfare and volunteers at local animal shelters and is a supporter of the Animal Defense League of Texas. He believes in the importance of community and brings that same level of care and dedication to his work.

With his competitive spirit and creative approach, Justin has become a valuable asset to the Gateway team. He has a keen ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds and has a special talent in identifying and attracting top talent for his clients.