Junior Brow – Manager of Recruiting

About Junior Brow

Junior Brow is an enthusiastic and motivated Executive Recruiter Manager at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. Mr. Brow believes in the principles of Integrity, Loyalty, and Professionalism and he uses those principles to provide timely and focused recruitment services and solutions to emerging, expanding, and established companies.

Before entering his career in recruiting, Mr. Brow worked as a Social Media Manager at a digital marketing agency. He began his career with Gateway Recruiting as the Digital Marketing Manager in 2021, but found a passion for recruiting, and has since transitioned as an Executive Recruiting Manager. Outside of work, Junior enjoys spending time with his family and friends, and loves to be in the great outdoors, whether it is walking, biking, or floating down the river in New Braunfels.

Junior is dedicated to helping people find their next career growth opportunity and enjoys the process of matching the right candidate with the right organization. From his enthusiasm and dedication to his ability to connect with people, Junior succeeds in identifying and attracting top talent for his clients.