Joshua Gatewood – Manager of Recruiting

About Joshua Gatewood

Joshua Gatewood is a well-rounded and experienced Executive Recruiter at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. He believes in providing Quality, Quantity, and Quickness when working with his clients, coupling that belief with Gateway Recruiting’s principles of Integrity, Loyalty, and Professionalism.

Before starting his career with Gateway Recruiting in 2022, Josh was a college baseball player and a Recruiter at RE/MAX, eventually finding his passion for recruiting and helping people with their career growth, on a global/nationwide scale.

Outside of work, Josh enjoys staying active by coaching baseball, working out, and spending the day fishing. Josh is also involved in ministry leadership at his local church, serving in multiple areas to be a light in his city. He believes in the importance of giving to his community and brings that same level of care and dedication to his work.

Josh enjoys and excels at helping people find job opportunities that align with their skills and passions and has become a valuable asset to the Gateway team. Due to his ability to connect with people of diverse backgrounds, he has a special talent in identifying and attracting top talent for his clients.