Glenn Grabs – Manager of Recruiting

About Glenn Grabs

Glenn Grabs is a dedicated and passionate Recruiter at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. He believes in the simple foundation of helping others, Glenn excels in connecting with people from diverse backgrounds and matching them to the right opportunities and is also highly proficient in identifying and attracting the best talent for his clients.

The art and science of recruiting is nothing new to Glenn. Prior to his tenure at Gateway Recruiting, Glenn spent 21 years in the United States Army, serving in multiple positions over the decades. During his time in the Army, he served as a Recruiting Advisor to the US Army Surgeon General as well as a Recruiting Director for the Commanding General of the US Army Recruiting Command. After his departure from the Army, Glenn continued his passion for recruiting, which lead him to working at Gateway Recruiting in 2021. Outside of work, Glenn enjoys working on and collecting classic cars, as well as participating in fitness training. In his spare time, he works with teens in the community in sport conditioning with a focus on injury prevention.

Glenn believes in the three Q’s: Quality, Quantity, and Quickness. He stands by Gateway Recruiting’s dedication to provide timely and focused recruiting services and solutions to emerging, expanding, and established companies.