Exciting Gateway Recruiting Update

2022 is now well on its way and proving to be yet another huge hiring year! Through this large influx of hiring needs in the market, Gateway Recruiting has been steadily growing to accommodate our new and existing client’s hiring needs. Our unwavering commitment to our clients through this hiring surge has remained the same by providing the 3 Qs: Quality, Quantity, and Quickness. While some have considered this past year to be “The Great Resignation” we have risen to the challenge and turned it into an opportunity for success! As a result of helping our clients find the right talent for their growing teams, our team has in turn been growing as well.

In fact, within the last 2 months, we have added 2 more recruiters, Hannah Shows and Marlene Spain. We are excited to welcome them to our team and proud to play part in their professional and career growth. Please join us in congratulating these new and promising Executive Recruiters to our team and Gateway family!

In addition to our newest recruiters, today we happily announce and celebrate the promotion of both Ryan Smith and Preston Snow to Directors of Recruiting. This promotion comes from the continued success and readiness of Ryan and Preston in their ability to exceed the general job requirements, and in doing so, going above and beyond for both Gateway and our clients. They both have demonstrated the initiative and necessary leadership qualities to take them to the next step in leading their own team. Please join us in congratulating these gentlemen in their next stage of growth and advancement here at Gateway Recruiting!

Over the last couple of years, there have been many obstacles the national hiring force has had to overcome. Gateway Recruiting has time and time again stood the test and risen to the challenge and provided results to our clients. For the last 2 years, we have been named by Forbes as a Top Recruiting Firm and as we aim for the 3rd year in a row, we will continue to keep our foot on the accelerator by providing timely and focused recruitment services to our clients.

If you or your team needs help finding top talent for your growing organization, please reach out today so we can start a conversation. We look forward to starting a partnership with you and being a part of your team’s success for years to come!

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