Don Fancher – Manager of Recruiting

About Don Fancher

Don Fancher is a highly experienced Executive Recruiter at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. With more than 20 years of experience, Mr. Fancher has developed a passion and talent for developing solid relationships and consistently building an efficient and productive talent pipeline for his clients.

Prior to his career in recruiting, Don worked as a General Manager, selling manufactured homes. He began his tenure with Gateway Recruiting in the early 2000s, when Gateway Recruiting was in its startup stages. In addition to his professional pursuits, Mr. Fancher enjoys being outdoors, either playing golf or surfing the coast.

Mr. Fancher has a talented ability to connect with people from diverse backgrounds and a great skill with matching them to the right opportunities. Known for his trustworthiness and team-oriented attitude, Mr. Fancher has become a valuable asset to the Gateway team, and he is determined to find the best talent for his clients.