Amy Figueroa – Manager of Recruiting

About Amy Figueroa

Amy Figueroa is an experienced Executive Recruiter at Gateway Recruiting, Inc. She values being a key part in someone’s career growth and couples it with knowing that she is also giving her clients the best available talent. Amy stands with Gateway Recruiting’s dedication to providing timely and focused recruitment services and solutions to emerging, expanding, and established companies.

Prior to joining Gateway Recruiting, Amy was a remote recruiter in the healthcare industry. She quickly discovered that recruiting was her passion, and later joined Gateway Recruiting’s team in 2019, after seeking an in-office work environment. Outside of work, Amy enjoys time with her family, staying active by working out and running, and spending time in the great outdoors.

With her transparent and organized approach, Amy excels in recognizing and bringing in top talent for her clients. Her experience and ability to understand client needs, make her a valuable asset to the Gateway team, and she is committed to helping people find the right job opportunities that align with their passions.