2023 Trade Compliance Salary Survey Results

From the Desk of Garrett Stephenson, President of Gateway Recruiting

Another survey is in the books, as always, an interesting time in employment as the world faces economic uncertainties and headwinds. These economic circumstances though have not really changed the challenges of finding Trade Compliance professionals as the inventory of qualified Trade Compliance professionals remains low. This trend has been constant over the past decade. Trade compliance professionals will remain in demand and groups will continue to grow not just domestically in the US, but globally. It has become important for large multinational companies to continue their expansion to have regionally based compliance groups across the EU, APAC, LATAM. Interestingly, though the data this year due to the expansion OUS of these groups, compensation rose within the US, but dropped across much of the rest of the Globe. This is certainly key data we will keep an eye on and help advise our clients on hiring strategies outside of the US.

A few other notes from activity we are seeing across our desks:

  • Many companies are still offering Hybrid schedules (3/2 or 4/1); but remote roles have dropped significantly with only 10% of openings in the US offering complete remote work.
  • Trade Compliance contractors are in high demand. Many companies are relying on bringing on contractors for project work or to bridge the gap while companies experience hiring freezes. We are happy that we have the largest database of available contractors and are always here to help our current or new clients find great immediate talent.

We of course want to thank everyone in Trade Compliance for their continued support with this survey, and in supporting Gateway Recruiting. This survey has become the industry standard over the past 15+ years, and we enjoy providing the data to the industry. If you ever are struggling to hire for your organization (Full-time hires or Contract employees); please never hesitate to reach out to myself or one of my valued team members here at Gateway Recruiting. We are always up to the challenge!

Cheers to another year and again, thank you for continuing to support Gateway Recruiting!

Garrett Stephenson


Gateway Recruiting, Inc.



We greatly value your feedback on this report and welcome any suggestions for the next year. At Gateway Recruiting, we are incredibly grateful for the continuous support we receive from the Trade Compliance industry. It is this unwavering support that has established us as the preferred and leading choice in Trade Compliance Recruiting.

Whether you are seeking to hire a full-time employee or a contractor this year, we encourage you to reach out to us via email at Info@GatewayRecruiting.com. We are here to assist you every step of the way!

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