2022 Trade Compliance Salary Survey Results

From The Desk of Garrett Stephenson, President of Gateway Recruiting

We had a great turnout this year with over 1000+ participants across the globe! A big THANK YOU to everyone who participated, we couldn’t have done it without you!

Another interesting year and here we are at the crossroads of continued challenges in the world of employment. These challenges over the past 18+ months are not independent of Trade Compliance professionals but are the results of the decreased inventory of qualified candidates across the marketplace in general post-pandemic. The challenges of the trade compliance vertical remain heavily in focus on our desk, with the trend repeating what we have seen over the last decade, a shortage of qualified professionals, and rising compensation across the board. With geopolitical pressures/events and retiring trade compliance professionals, we do not expect Trade Compliance hiring to get easier even when possibly facing an economic slowdown globally. Trade compliance professionals will remain in demand and groups will continue to grow not just domestically in the US, but globally. It has become important for large multi-national companies to continue their expansion to have regionally based compliance groups across the EU, APAC, and LATAM.

Due to this demand over the past year, we have seen an increase not just in salary/base compensation, but an increase in perks (Hybrid/Flexible Work Schedule, Sign-on Bonuses, Equity; etc). Though remote work is still an option for some of our clients, we are starting to see most clients require professionals back in the office at an increasing rate or be present a few days a week.  

On another note, want to thank everyone in Trade Compliance for their continued support on this survey, and in supporting Gateway Recruiting. This survey has become the industry standard over the past 10+ years, and we enjoy providing the data to the industry. If you ever are struggling to hire for your organization (Full time hires or Contract employees); please never hesitate to reach out to me or one of my valued team members here at Gateway Recruiting. We are always up to the challenge!

Cheers to another year and again, thank you for continuing to support Gateway Recruiting!

If you ever need help in hiring Trade Professionals (Full-time or Contract), please let us know!

Thank you,

Garrett Stephenson

President, Gateway Recruiting


As always we appreciate feedback on this report and suggestions for the next year. Here at Gateway Recruiting we always love the support we get from the Trade Compliance industry! It is your support that has made us the choice and leader in trade compliance recruiting.

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